A New Project

Thanks for taking time to read my first post. It's not really a new beginning for me, but rather a new opportunity. That word, "opportunity", keeps coming up in my recent world. It's become the chant word for my business; my 2017 "word of the year". I pound it into my team, repeat it often with my friends and colleagues, and try to use it as much as I can each time I write or speak publicly.

The word opportunity is relevant to my work because it's what I believe we need more of. My corporate mission is based upon the idea. I get up each day and think about what is most important to the success of my businesses and my city. I keep coming back to the following statement, which I discovered late last year.

Our city blooms in the presence of opportunity. This is it. This is my interpretation for how we find and make success for our community; I start with what we get if we do our part. Others have expressed this is too vague. My optimism gets in the way. Another way to look at it is to say; Our city is struggling and we need to do something about it.

So my intention is to take this website and create a place to share my ideas for building a more sustainable city. Our city needs more opportunities. Jobs. Places to hang out. Art. Music. Social programs. Connections. Love. Pride. And because I operate a business, I think the best way for me to create and express my ideas is by creating content worth sharing about how I perceive we can do good by our city through creating successful businesses for the community to utilize, enjoy, work at, and be inspired by. The domino effect. One idea or opportunity creates another, and so on.

So thanks for taking time to start this journey with me. Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts, ideas, concerns or interests. I want to know who my audience is, what you care about, care to know or wish to do. After all, one person can't change the world (or city). It takes us all working together.