My first podcast episodes are published and ready to listen. We intend to publish a single episode of The Middle Americano podcast each Tuesday morning.

The Middle Americano Podcast (First Published 08/11/2020)

This Reverie podcast includes interviews about coffee, the coffee industry and our business. Guests will come to discuss what's new and relevant in our industry, what we are doing in our own cafe and roastery, as well as other topics relevant to our position in the community. These podcast recordings are generally 45-60 minutes in duration.

The Coffee Kids Podcast (concept only)

This podcast will feature my son, Weston (age 10), interviewing members of our staff at Reverie. This is targeted at being a 10-part series where Weston drinks coffee with a member of our coffee team while they ask each other questions about work or school, coffee and their future. This will be a fun experiment that could possible grow into a longer-running program.